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Our Menu for The Week of July 23rd


As many of you know this is our last menu for the summer. This time of year we shift gears for a couple of months to focus on growing, harvesting and preserving our organic vegetables for soups and edibles throughout the year. We have high hopes for lots of heirloom tomatoes, butternut squash, corn, peppers, summer squash, beets, more cauliflower, more broccoli, potatoes, carrots and herbs. Fingers crossed the season will serve us well. For this last menu we are offering a new cool salad and a soup that has been requested by some of my favorite people! Hope you like them!

Thank you so much for ordering this year ~ we love all of you!

Smoked chicken Persian Jeweled Rice Salad
with marionberry chipotle coulis

applewood smoked chicken breast, sliced and drizzled with marionberry chipotle coulis. Served on top of jeweled basmati rice salad made with dried apricots, currants, matchstick farm fresh organic carrots & zucchini, slivered toasted almonds,
organic scallions, chopped organic mint & Italian parsley, and organic arugula ~ all tossed in a citrus saffron vinaigrette

Packed to share! $12.00
VG & VEG option offered without chicken // GF

Lemon Herb Chicken Soup
with Tortellini and swiss chard pesto

This is a great soup for summer dining!

Plump cheese and spinach stuffed tortellini, simmered in a housemade savory organic lemon chicken stock with grilled summer squash, sauteed organic carrots, organic peas, organic baby spinach leaves, grilled sweet onions, fresh organic thyme and Italian parsley
and topped with fresh housemade organic chard pesto.

Approx Nutr Info: Cal 215 | Fat 5 g | Carb 11 g | Potassium 200 mg | Protein 35 g | Sodium 600 mg

VG = Vegan // VEG = vegetarian // GF = gluten Free // FF = Freezer Friendly

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE let us know what pick up location is best for you at the time you order.

Payments at The Marylhurst School and Eastham Community Ctr can be made at the time of pickup.

We have an ordering system established on our website for Warrior Room members.

For Mix n’ Match Creamery payments must be made via paypal prior to pick up (acct #
PLEASE hit the friends & family button at the time of payment so we do not incur additional fees! Thank you.

Check out our Soup Group options on our website. Thanks so much! Josie

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