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Made with all the same ingredients as our neutral based chicken bone broth (organic whole chickens, organic carrots, organic celery, onion, organic garlic, organic shallots, organic bay leaf, raw apple cider vinegar, black pepper corns, and a small amount of salt), but this version is layered with the smoky flavors of chipotle peppers and the essence of fresh lime. It’s an amazing sipping broth any time of year, but we love this one on those early cool mornings. Some days it will replace our routine cup of coffee.


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DID YOU KNOW? The technique of smoke-drying jalapeños can be traced back to the early food preservation practices used in Mesoamerica, even prior to the Aztecs. The name comes from the Nahuati word chīlpoctli meaning smoked chili.  Ripe jalapeños are chipotles. Jalapeños are green for most of the season but in the fall, at the end of the growing season, they turn bright red. Kept on the bush as long as possible, they become deep red. At this point they are picked and put through the smoking process to become chipotles.  One of our favorite flavors!