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This is a deeply flavorful fermented broth that can be sipped on its own or stretched into a fabulous soup with all your favorite vegetables and proteins. Made with organic white miso, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, lemon zest and juice, a schooch of sesame oil for flavor balance, and house-made traditional organic chicken bone broth (organic whole chicken, organic carrots, organic celery, green cabbage, sweet onion, organic garlic, organic shallots, organic bay leaf, raw apple cider vinegar, black pepper corns, and a small amount of salt)


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Benefits of Miso and the “Connectedness” to Earth

(Borrowed from MBG Food – written by Mathew Lovitt)

The complex combination of ingredients and the magical process of double fermentation transform the lowly soybean into a digestive force to be reckoned with. The fermentation process helps break down the complex proteins, oils and carbohydrates found in miso and aids in the digestive process. Also, as soybeans are fermented, lactobacilli increases which facilitates assimilability of nutrients while promoting a healthy pH in the digestive system. As an individual with a cantankerous stomach, this digestive stimulation is a godsend and is the major reason I maintain a diet high in miso.

While miso is gaining widespread notoriety for its ability to heal and improve health, the majority of the benefit I receive is from the “connectedness” I feel with the earth and myself after drinking a huge bowl of miso soup. Its strange ability to comfort and soothe in even the most stressful of times has me convinced that a life without miso is a life that is not fully in line with my desire to be happy, healthy and of service to my fellows. Plus, it’s pretty darn tasty to boot.