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Feed our People is our 2022, 23 and now 2024 Soup Fundraiser. In coordination with Clackamas Service Center (CSC), located in SE Portland, we’re putting forth effort to get food to unhoused families and individuals. CSC is an inclusive “one-stop” community center for individuals and families seeking food relief and resources for improved health, dignity and stability. The organization feeds 80 individuals full meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. They also provide groceries and clothing, hygiene products and access to showers, medical care and needle exchange as needed. Their warehouse has a substantially stocked grocery inventory that facilitates a delivery program to the front doors of people in need. This warehouse also provides food for many other food pantries, as well as pop-up pantries at schools once a week.

We are looking forward to be helping those in our community and honored to be lending a hand to Clackamas Service Center who contribute efforts every day to those needing food, shelter and medical services. Through donations from our customers, as well as donations from Pepper & Salt Kitchen, we will be providing soups for their dine-in services on several occasions in the weeks to come. Any additional donations raised will go towards their food pantry. We would be so very grateful to our Soupers for considering a donation towards this endeavor of gifting food. There is a tab on our checkout page where you can add a donation to your soup orders. Thank you.