This Week’s Menu


We’re taking some time off to relax, reboot and reconnect with family.

Thank you for ordering soooo many soups this last couple of months ~ it’s been fun. We featured some of our most popular soups from around the globe in January for National Soup Month, as well as added a couple of new soups to the catalog in February and a Valentine’s Day menu we hope you enjoyed. Broth orders climbed in January and February. We’re so glad you’re sipping broth more often these days. We hope you’re enjoying them and seeing the benefits. 

We’d also like to thank you for all the donations that continue to come in for our Feed Our People Fundraiser. This is the start to our third year contributing to Clackamas Service Center. We appreciate being able to do this for them because of your generosity. We’ll keep our Feed Our People button up for anyone who would like to make a donation in the weeks to come. This coming week, we are making a Tomato Herb Chicken & Rice soup, as well as donating to their pantry.

We’ll be back with menus for March that we’re excited about. It’s not only National Nutrition Month, but St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, March 17th, so we’ll have a special menu for this fun holiday as well. Enjoy the rest of February and thank you for ordering every week and keeping this little soup gig going! Always so very grateful.

Feed Our People Fundraiser

Feed Our People is our 2024 Soup Fundraiser. In coordination with Clackamas Service Center (CSC), located in SE Portland, we’re putting forth effort to get food to unhoused families and individuals. CSC is an inclusive “one-stop” community center for individuals and families seeking food relief and resources for improved health, dignity and stability. The organization feeds 80 individuals full meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. They also provide groceries and clothing, hygiene products and access to showers, medical care and needle exchange as needed. Their warehouse has a substantially stocked grocery inventory that facilitates a delivery program to the front doors of people in need. This warehouse also provides food for many other food pantries, as well as pop-up pantries at schools once a week.

We are looking forward to be helping those in our community and honored to be lending a hand to CSC who contribute efforts every day to those needing food, shelter and medical services. Thank you.



If you’re able, please do what you can for someone in need

Soups & Entrées

Sipping Broths

Sipping broths are flavorful, highly beneficial beverages made in the traditional nourishing way our Grandmothers made bone broths. Our broths are simmered for 48  hours with organic vegetables and aromatics. Studies show that the benefits of slow cooking bones are extensive and proven to offer a gamut of benefits that contribute to gut repair, boosting immune function, arthritis,  osteoporosis, digestion, reducing high cholesterol, eliminating acid reflux, detoxification, reduction of inflammation, strengthening nails and hair, improving skin appearance and so much more. And while most people report a great boost in energy that could easily replace your daily java, additional benefits lie in the glycine extracted. Glycine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which means the broths can greatly help with relaxation and actually help improve sleep.We source our beef from a local rancher who raises very happy, pasture grass-fed and finished animals and chickens that are raised organically ~ both without use of hormones or antibiotics. We offer a selection of flavor enhanced beef, chicken and vegetable sipping broths each week such as citrus miso chicken, ginger turmeric beef, lemon leek chicken, citrus miso vegetable, chipotle lime chicken, lemongrass green tea chicken sipping broth, and of course, traditional chicken and beef.  All of these are great immune boosting broths and incredibly enjoyable to sip.