Soup Groups & FREE Deliveries

Cooking just isn’t an option some days due to busy schedules. That’s when having a Soup Group comes in handy.  Establishing a Soup Group is easy. Simply lure your potential soupers in by sharing our sample menu and having them sign up for our weekly delivery. With a few simple clicks of the mouse an order can be placed and delivered on Wednesday directly to your office, gym, clinic, school – wherever you are located!

We love Soup Groups and offer FREE delivery to businesses with orders of $60 or $80 depending on your location. For six to eight people, that’s one order each – simple! Soup Groups are simple, convenient, affordable, healthier options for anyone who needs a little more time and a little less chaos in their life.   Most people enjoy things that make life easier and that’s what we strive to give you ~ a little more “easier.”  Perhaps the biggest thrill to Pepper & Salt deliveries is having little to clean after your meal – maybe a bowl or two. Think about it – free time after a meal?   What is the world coming to? Equally as great ~ extra time at work! Not having to trek out to get food when here in the NW, that can mean cold, wet, windy conditions ~  not fun.

Please check out our map showing where we deliver. $60 and $80 minimum orders gets you FREE delivery depending on where you are located.

Please Note:

While we would love nothing more than to sign up every Soup Group that requests weekly delivery, we are a very small operation and are often stretched to capacity.  Please feel free to inquire.  We will do our very best to accommodate your group.  Thank you.