Rave Reviews

On a day when I would otherwise probably just leave my family to fend for themselves at dinner (or probably just airpop some popcorn) I have to thank Pepper & Salt Kitchen for a winning selection of soups to nourish us body and soul. #SoupsForMyFamily


Josie Rankin-Lary ~ This Venetian Chicken Soup thoooooooo.pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png SO GOOD!


Josie, that chicken tikka soup was out of this world! I was hesitant, because I’m not a fan of “sweet” spices (cinnamon) with savory foods (chicken), so I only bought one quart to try. But I should have known that, in your hands, it would be a beautiful thing. I’m so wishing I’d bought more! If you had leftovers that you stashed in a freezer, I would be happy to buy several more quarts of it!  Hope you repeat that one soon. Thanks for the great soup!


The Hungarian Soup this week was no match for my favorite version. Your soup completely outdid my version and put yours at the top of my list of favorites.  Omg that was outstanding.  I knew you’d knock it out of the park Josie.  You always do.  Thank you for using fresh dill – makes all the dill-ference haha. And thank you for bringing back so many memories of enjoying this soup with my grandparents. 


One of those great partners is Pepper & Salt Kitchen. They taught our campers how to make fresh pastas and soups at our summer camps ~ and we are so thankful.

Schoolyard Farms

Tom Khaa is my favorite soup. I always order at Thai restaurants. BUT your Tom Khaa, my dear is probably the best Tom Khaa I have ever ever had! I was getting sick so decided to order two. So glad I did because I see that you sell out quickly! Every single bite is full of flavor and so many fresh ingredients – its simply orgasmic. First of all, it kicked Mr. and Mrs. Germ’s butt – so I feel a 100 times better. And, secondly, my husband is out of town so I get to have container #2 all to myself. Next time Im container #3! Thank you so much Josie!


We look forward to Wednesdays now. Soup day! For our family it means less busy, less mess, and more time with each other.  Since we are both working at home this year, lunchtime is our time now to enjoy a meal together.  Thank you Pepper & Salt Kitchen for giving us these moments and a silver lining to 2020.

If any of you are on the fence about ordering Josie’s Mac and Cheese from Pepper & Salt Kitchen for the first time please take a moment to prepare yourself for fanatical devotion and potential familial-strife-causing levels of allegiance normally reserved for sports teams and celebrity break-ups. In fact, I suspect that the one lone family member who claims to like my mac and cheese more than Josie’s has ulterior motives. Don’t get me wrong, the soups are delicious as well, but my kid has never volunteered to help pay for my soup order with their allowance while they’ve offered to do so for this mac and cheese!

SIX Mac Cheese Fan

The Chipotle Butternut Bisque with hazelnut pesto is AMAZING! At first I thought it was going to be too spicy for me, but I just kept eating it and it was perfection! WOW! and the hazelnuts! Yes! Oh and my husband (who is lactose intolerant) tried the wild caught smoked salmon chowder and he loved it. He’s now taking one of his pills to help digest, so I guess I have to share the chowder I bought for myself… Thank you!


My friend referred me to Pepper & Salt Kitchen.  She’s been buying your soups for the last 18 months and said it’s the best addition to their week they’ve ever had.  Now I’m in the Jennings Lodge soup group and I’m enjoying your soups every week!  My husband is crazy for them and reminds me on Thursdays to order. So far, we’ve loved every soup you’ve made. I’d also heard you make salads in the spring, so we tried the Jeweled Rice Salad last week. It is my favorite salad now.  We enjoyed all the fresh flavors and herbs, the grilled veggies and the textures from dried fruits and nuts and the dressing was just wonderful. I see how much work goes into each and every box and we are grateful.  Thank you for making Wednesdays our favorite day of the week now Josie.


Josie; Thanksgiving last year was memorable because of your holiday soups. My family was here so we ordered one of each and the holiday mac and cheese dish. They all were outstanding. Your seasoning skills have always amazed me, particularly how you balance flavor in your Thai and Moroccan soups – it’s just beyond me. Like all your soups, the Thanksgiving soups spoke to all our guests. My family is coming again this year. Will you be offering your traditional menu? Please say yes to smoked salmon chowder and the spiced pear butternut! I take credit for those, so I’ll be needing several quarts to impress the fam again.

November 2023 ~ “Josie, thank you so very much for doing what you do. These soups are real gems. Like REAL gems. The wild caught smoked salmon chowder is by far the best we’ve ever had. We lived in Alaska for many years and never had chowder like yours. The chipotle butternut bisque with the hazelnut pesto had to have been the star of our hors’ d’oeuvre party. Everyone loved it. I wish I would have ordered more. You did it again! Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.”


Just sending more compliments. This time on the Thai green curry soup we just finished off. It was so great, and creamy, and rich, and perfect for this chilly evening. Thank you for what you do for us.


Your soups are simply wonderful, and the more people who can enjoy them, the better! 

Schoolyard Farms