Rave Reviews

We really love getting our soups delivered. I haven’t tried one I haven’t liked, and I am kind of picky. I am trying to expand my food choices and you are making some of the best soups I have ever tasted.

Liz M.

I go to this really great gym where everyone is family. Where everyone plays a part in community, friendship, support systems, good health, and good fun. It’s the Warrior Room in Milwaukie. It’s a blast and has become a large part of my life. One of the things I’m enjoying this season is the soup deliveries from Pepper & Salt. The benefit of being a Warrior is you get fresh, healthy homemade soups delivered to your gym where you can pick them up after your workout and know that when you get home you have this amazing meal ready to warm-up — it keeps you from stopping at Burger King on the way home! It’s just another great thing about this amazing place I call MY GYM!

Your soups this week were AMAZING! You have outdone yourself! Can’t wait to get my next order!

Great soups this week! yummmmmmmm!


Will you please marry me and make me soups every day? I can’t believe how good they are – every single bite!

Monkey Man

I came back into town after a long road trip (18 hours) and found my soup waiting for me. What a life savor! They are both delicious, and I’m still enjoying them this weekend.


One of those great partners is Pepper & Salt. They taught our campers how to make fresh pastas and soups and we are so thankful.

Schoolyard Farms

Tom Khaa is my favorite soup. I always order at Thai restaurants. BUT your Tom Khaa, my dear is probably the best Tom Khaa I have ever ever had! I was getting sick so decided to order two. So glad I did because I see that you sell out quickly! Every single bite is full of flavor and so many fresh ingredients – its simply orgasmic. First of all, it kicked Mr. and Mrs. Germ’s butt – so I feel a 100 times better. And, secondly, my husband is out of town so I get to have container #2 all to myself. Next time Im container #3! Thank you so much Josie!


Josie – I met you yesterday at the soup tasting at Marylhurst. I just wanted to ask you if you have any more broccoli cheddar chive. My son loves it. I can not believe how good your soups are ~ we enjoyed trying all of them. I don’t know how you make all this soup, grow all the food too, and then convince my picky 4 year old to try your soup. Amazing. He loved them all, but he’s asking for broccoli cheddar now! If you have more, we’d like to buy two. Thank you!

Emily W

Oh My Gosh!! I just had the Creamy Smokey Portabello soup for lunch and it was A-MAZ-ING! I’ll give my testimonial that this is one of the tastiest soups I have EVER had – please make it again! Love it, love it, love it! Thank you!


Love love LOVED the cornbread last week. I can’t believe it was GF! Hope it’s on the menu again soon. Can’t get enough of Josie’s soups.

My family LOVED the chicken, roasted peppers and quinoa soup last week!!  We look forward to your menu emails every week.