If all the remaining days of this month are sunny like this one, I’m all about having 29 days in freezing February.

As far as legumes go, lentils are one of those incredibly versatile, mega flavorful, pea-sized powerhouse foods that can easily make a meal feel five star.  With very little effort, they have a way of making you feel entitled. Sometimes giving you a jolt of strength while also a feeling of well-being cause they’re comfort food from way back.  Our Moroccan inspired soups have some of our favorite spices, aromatics and fresh enhancements ~ they are pretty damn tasty.  PLUS these are two GREAT soups you can use to “stretch your soup dollars” into other completely different meals.  We have a great idea you may consider.  IFFF you have leftovers, you’ll fool everyone into believing you started one of these new dishes from scratch.

Liquid Gold Curry Vegetable.  Come on!  That’s got to get your attention.  This one was inspired by the sunshine today.  I just couldn’t help myself — had to make a sunny dish that everyone would be interested in trying.

Mediterranean Chicken Soup with gremolata is a new one for Pepper & Salt.  It’s just one more chicken soup for the catalog.  Because we NEEEEED more chicken soup!  We’re hoping you love the description and it entices you enough to order a couple.  It freezes well (as do the other three soups) and you’ll want some of this on hand to meet your goals for March’s National Nutrition Month!

Last BUT never least, we have five sipping broths to choose from. Everyone has been battling bugs this year.  If you feel even the slightest bit under the weather, get your gloves on and fight.  Fitting in a cup of bone broth each day can help combat illness.  If you know someone who could use a little love, order a pint or a quart for them. Let’s get everyone healthy!  We make a traditional chicken bone broth, several flavored chicken bone broths (with enhancements like ginger, turmeric, lemon, chilis, and garlic) and we have a citrus miso vegetable sipping broth

We invite you to order now through Saturday evening.  We’ll have everything ready on Wednesday, 2/26.