Soups are considered comfort food, so while you are struggling to not eat certain foods, soups can provide a much needed satisfaction and work like a volumetric diet, cleansing and nourishing both body and mind.

Every day foods that can help boost your metabolism, increase energy, silence the ticking time bomb of hunger, and balance your mood are featured in our soups throughout the month of January, as well as super foods like ginger, kale, flax, green tea, citrus, burdock, fermented vegetables, ginseng, curries, fennel, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, spinach, walnuts, coconut, beans, garlic, whole grains, chilis, lavender, cilantro, and basil are sprinkled throughout our recipes. Not to mention, bone broths enhanced with super foods – we call them sipping broths. Our beneficial bone broth beverages. Try a couple!

When you see our menus, please take a minute to read through the descriptions ~ we put a great deal of thought and time into layering each soup with super foods and flavor. They’ll support your regime and help you kick off the new year right!