We’re in soup mode people…

Our FIRST menu of the season comes out this week!   We’re pretty jazzed to be 90% done with harvesting and back in the kitchen this week.  There wasn’t much debate on what soups to put on this first menu. We went with the ones people most requested and made the most sense!   The seasonal bounty is still at an all time high, so making these soup selections was a no-brainer.  Locally sourced Pacific Northwest ingredients like corn, cauliflower, green beans, new potatoes, kale and peppers make up part of the list of ingredients we are using this week.  Simmered in organic stocks with fresh herbs, curries, and finishing touches like pestos, pistous, coconut kale and peppered bacon make these delicious big bowls of comfort food, fabulous!   All these soups are freezer friendly and with cold weather fast approaching, these offerings make for a nice outta-the-freezer meal for one of those impossible nights when cooking just isn’t happening! Sipping broths are coming. We are working on our sourcing as some things have changed a bit this year with product and delivery.  You may have heard.  We should be up and running with broths in a week or so.

Soup Group Delivery Updates:

  • Thrive Yoga in Oregon City : Drop off will be Wednesdays at 12:15.  If you can not pick up at 12:15, please check studio hours. There are open hours when you can swing by and get your orders from the fridge in the studio kitchen.  Thank you again Thrive Yoga for letting us serve your community!
  • Cup of Tea in Clackamas : Wednesdays. Pick up between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  Thursdays pick up between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. Thank you Cup of Tea!  We love you for letting our peeps pick up with you again this year!!
  • Integrated Fitness : Drop off will be Wednesday 12:40 pm. If you can not pick up in this window, you’re welcome to pick up at the Jennings Lodge Soup Group location. Thank you again Integrated for letting us serve your community!
  • Warrior Room in Milwaukie :  Drop off will be Wednesday between 1:00 pm and 1:15 pm. If you can not pick up in this window, please check gym class hours ~ You can swing by and get your orders from the fridge after class!  Thank you again Warrior Room for letting us serve your community!
  • Jennings Lodge Soup Group in Milwaukie : Pick up Wednesdays between noon and 8:30 pm
  • Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club in Portland : Drop off will be Wednesdays at 2:00 pm. Pick up from the fridge during class hours. Thank you again BHKC for letting us serve your community!!

Due to circumstances surrounding the last year or so, some Soup Groups are no longer listed and Soup Group members have joined other groups.  If you no longer have a Soup Group, please contact josie@pepperandsaltkitchen.com or call 503-880-6356.  We will figure out a way to keep you in on the soup gig.

We’re enjoying foods from the following growers and farmers this week:

  • Wong Farms ~ potatoes
  • Greenville Farms ~ corn
  • Bernard’s Farm ~ sweet onions, garlic, bell peppers
  • Pepper & Salt Organic Gardens ~ lacinato kale, basil, thyme, Italian parsley, green beans, peppers, potatoes