This last week we made 160 portions of Moroccan Tomato Soup with basmati rice, garbanzos and lentils.  It was really good!  We’re hoping all the people who received it enjoyed it.

In the last 4 weeks, we’ve been able to provide approximately 625 portions of soup (so far!) that have contributed to the meals provided by R2DToo. It’s an extraordinary effort put forth by all the volunteers who  assemble these food packages and hit the pavement during cold, wet evenings to get hot food to unhoused people in our community. Hearing how all this comes together, how many people are served and the response volunteers receive from those they bring food to, you quickly realize the importance of kindness and compassion and the true value this work has on our community as a whole. My mind is blown. This is a big mountain to climb and there are people who do this every single day – for fellow human beings. Our hats are off to all those who dedicate so much of their personal time and money to helping others in need.

We would not be able to make the quantities of soup we are without the help from our Soupers. Thank you again for your generous donations to Dollars for Delta ~ we are very grateful.  AND so grateful for R2DToo and the volunteers that support their endeavors.