Human connection is one of the ways we effectively generate awareness and combat issues with poverty, public health, politics, pandemics ~ just to mention a few “p’s”.  Years ago, getting the word out, getting the truth out, finding resources and guidance during crisis were slow in coming. Fortunately in this day and age of technological advancement, we can efficiently and quickly communicate to the global arena and for the most part, with accuracy.  It’s mind boggling to think about how quickly disease spread in the early 1900’s when a similar pandemic to the one we are experiencing now, crushed communities world-wide. That’s one of the reasons why awareness months and awareness days became apart of our annual calendars. Getting people to rally together for a bigger cause or just to celebrate, helped communities around the world.  I only recently fully understood what was behind the concept and what initiated it. There’s ridiculous numbers of celebrated days – to the point of being annoying. But there are great days AND entire months too. Earth Day, National Breast Cancer Day, National Nutrition Month, Black History Month and World Health Month, to mention a few. April, just so happens to be World Health Month and World Health Day falls on April 7th. The timing of this is weird to say the least, but will forever be remembered as one of the months the world came together to make a difference and save lives.

This pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives and staying healthy and sane are two of everyone’s top priorities.  Social distancing is the new norm.  As bizarre as it is, it’s what we have to do.  It includes no playdates, no happy hour Thursdays, no gym class, less outings to store, which now means extra careful planning for meals.  For those lucky enough to work from home, cooking may be even more difficult now because of changes in your work requirements. AND for millions of families who have the added daily task of doing your child’s classwork from home, your schedules may be amping up a bit.  It’s not less, it’s just a different load. If you’re like our family, you’ve already burned through two weeks of menu ideas and are looking for something new!   Maybe we can help you with a fresh idea for this week and help take a bit of your load off.

In years past we have focused April on healthier soups with an emphasis on super foods that boost metabolism and increase energy, while factoring in weight loss, cleansing and nourishment that can even reduce stress.  Super foods like ginger, garlic, kale, galangal, lentils, citrus, flax, chard, herbs, nuts, chia seeds, spinach, green tea and tomatoes were sprinkled throughout our recipes,   We plan on crafting the same way again for this month.   We hope you’ll take time to read through the recipes to see just what we do to enhance them and make them as good as they are.

Please continue to be safe, stay healthy and if you can, help someone who may be alone and unable to get food or basic necessities.  We’re in this together!

Thank you all for your continued support. Very grateful.  BIG air hug to all of you!