Last week of February and realizing we are in for at least 90 more days of dreary, cold wet weather.  That’s usually how it forecasts in the northwest. The seasonal affects of this gloom are very real.  People get funky.  Boosting immune systems, circulation, and digestion by consuming certain foods can help ease this wintertime drag.

Refusing to be Debbie Downer, I am getting off my butt and making some changes before the dark clouds get the best of me. I’ll be enjoying bone broths infused with garlic and ginger, eating lots of dark leafy greens, treating myself to the occasional roasted sweet potato, drinking lots of tea and prescribing to “getting out there” regardless of the wet cold days.  

Possibly some of our menu will help you out this week and give you the boost you need to avoid the funk!  Having at least one or two of these offerings on hand will give you a little time for yourself.