This Week’s Menu

People tell us we make a good salad. I appreciate the compliments very much because making them is a TON of chopping! We do it this time of year because its the right thing to do. Taking advantage of local growers and their lovely little spring peas, ramps, asparagus, shrooms, herbs, radishes, chards, new potatoes, broccoli and kale that are coming alive everywhere. So we roll up our sleeves, chop for hours and assemble sharable salads you can enjoy without all the pain of chopping — or shopping. Take advantage too!

Peeps are still in need of soups as well. So we have two fabulous ones to offer you this week.

AND an FYI ~ we’ll have a booth at the Spicer Brothers Produce 30th Anniversary Party on April 28th in Oregon City ~ 11am to 4pm. Check out my Facebook page and website for more information. There will be other food vendors, live music, kids activities, lots of great deals on produce and local fare and amazing smoothies from their smoothie bar. We’ll be doing some crazy good dishes, including our SIX cheese mac amp’d up with ridiculous toppings.