About Us

My name Josie.  I started this little soup gig with a small group of about 20

“kettlebell-ers” in a garage studio in Milwaukie called The Warrior Room. The soups were designed for pre and post workouts and crafted with an emphasis on super foods that supported their ass-kicking lifestyles and factored in intense training routines, muscle building and repair, weight loss, cleansing, stress reduction and a sense of well being that nourished the warrior in all of them.  Recipes were tested, sampled and customer testimonials established our first “best sellers” list.  Since then we have grown to have over 140 different soup recipes [and growing] that are now enjoyed by a large community of warriors, as well as families in Oregon City, Milwaukie, Tualatin, Gladstone, Portland and West Linn.  And we have a growing kid-customer base!  Yep, we have won the hearts and desires of a large number of kids and teenagers who actually request our soups and edibles each week.  Particularly our SIX Cheese Mac, Roasted Heirloom Tomato Basil, Broccoli Cheddar Chive, Moroccan Lentil with Curry Turkey Meatballs, Singapore Chicken Noodle and our Sweet Corn Chowder!  Awesome, right?  

My kitchen peeps include Vanessa, Tre, Susan, and Katie ~ who have spent hours and hours helping me concoct good foods.  Vanessa is an archaeologist turned culinary goddess.  Raised in California by two chefs, her hidden talents are revealed in her sauces and herbal enhancements. She’s a master at flavor profiling and taking each soup to new levels.  Tre is our tall kitchen queen who brings her professional culinary background via years in France studying the art of pastry baking and other fancy foods.  She is our “master chopper”, doing what most people do with a machine!  Her baked goods have been known to make your knees buckle.  We also have the great pleasure of Susan who comes with the skills that make a great chef – an eye for

beauty, a passion for perfection and the insight and inquisitiveness to shake things up a bit.  She’s the principal of traditional cooking methods, but loves innovation and new trends. Katie is our newest culinary virtuoso.  Mother of 4-1/2 year old twin girls and a 2 year old baby boy, we invited her in for a change of scenery and a day of cooking with “da girls.”  I’m sure she asked herself what she had gotten into when she entered our kitchen (it’s a lot to take in for some people!) but she’s never left now she’s my go-to person when it comes to taking on culinary challenges.  She’s motivated, focused,

extraordinarily balanced in the face of chaos, has a sophisticated palate and slightly

serious about cooking now.  I’m very lucky to be able to work with women that I love and truly enjoy, and who make me laugh even when I’m exhausted and covered in soup.  AND ~ I am so very fortunate that they share their talents with me in this little soup gig we keep peddling.