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This Spanish tomato bisque is vegan and fabulous. It’s slightly smoky, seriously decadent and pairs well with main-course casseroles, marinated vegetable salads and crusty artisan breads. While most bisques use cream, this version is crafted with coconut milk which lends the perfect creaminess. We make this soup with fire roasted red bells and chocolate bells preserved from our fall harvest, along with preserved roasted organic heirlooms that are simmered with fresh organic shallots, garlic and onion, Spanish smoked paprika, organic thyme, locally sourced Durant Mission extra virgin olive oil, tempranillo, organic savory vegetable stock, fresh lemon zest and a schooch of organic coconut milk. Blended until smooth and finished with Spanish paprika roasted artichokes and organic basil pistou.

PLEASE NOTE: the picture shows the soup with shaved cheese. This is a vegan soup and comes without the cheese.




Approx Nutrition Info (based on 1-1/4 C): Calories 245 | Fat 10 g | Carbs 15 g | Cholesterol 25 g | Sodium 450 mg | Protein 10 g | Potassium 750 mg

During our early spring through fall months we grow a lot of food.  A large segment of our organic gardens are dedicated to tomato and pepper varieties, not to mention butternut squash, herbs, potatoes, beans, zucchini and crookneck, corn, carrots, berries, peaches, figs, plums and pears.  Our biggest haul comes from tomatoes and peppers. We roast most of these precious gems, preserve them and utilize their deliciousness in our soups throughout the year.

Delicious Soup Stretcher Idea:

If you happen to have any of this soup left over, it makes for the perfect sauce for pastas, pizzas, roasted vegetables, lentils or white beans, which was a delicious idea!  We think this would be delicious drizzled over a veggie omelette too! Quick and easy ideas for one more menu to get you through the week!