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Our Smoky Chipotle Butternut Apple Soup is amazing on its own, but the addition of the hazelnut sage pesto makes it outstanding. Some of the prizes from our organic garden are our butternut squash. The color and the nutty flavor they have just add an element to a creamy soup that can’t be matched. This soup is sweet and smoky, made with organic butternut squash, roasted with extra virgin olive oil and smoked salt, then simmered in a savory organic vegetable stock with organic apples, smoky chipotles, organic leeks, organic sage, onion, organic shallots, and organic garlic. We blend with a bit of organic coconut milk and finish it with Oregon grown hazelnut sage pesto (hazelnuts, sage, arugula, balsamic vinegar, lemon, honey, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt). It makes for a beautiful start to a festive meal and all you have to do is warm and serve. 


VG / VEG / GF / FF

Approx Nutrition Info (based on 1 cup): Calories 150 | Fat 7 g | Carbs 15 mg | Cholesterol 20 mg |  Sodium 450 | Protein 5 g | Potassium 900 mg


Sage is known for it’s medicinal properties. It’s an herb that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. It can lower cholesterol, rebuild vitality and strength lost during an illness and as a tonic, can help repair the liver. The oldest known records of the healing properties of sage take us back more than 4000 years. Ancient Egyptians used sage for a remedy for infertility and in the treatment of serious disease.

Sage is also used for spiritual purposes. The practice of smudging is the burning of sage to cleanse the energy or spirit. In many native cultures, plants are more than living things, they have a soul and a spirit. Burning sage was a way of communing with the spiritual realm and connecting to the spirit of the plant and the earth. Lighting a “smudge stick” creates a spiritually cleansing smoke bath generating a calling on of the spirits of the plants being burned. Combinations of plants and herbs are often burned together, and can include plants such as lavender, tobacco, marijuana, cedar, sweet grass, pine and juniper.

Sage has a distinct flavor that’s used in many tea blends and it’s known more commonly these days for enhancing traditional dishes served for Thanksgiving such as roasted butternut soup, gravies and stuffings. It’s a simple herb that packs memorable flavors.


I just watched this video and now I have to make these! If you have some butternut squash soup left over, here’s a great way to stretch your soup into another fabulous meal. Butternut Squash Pancakes with cranberries and nuts. They used pecans in the recipe, but your soup already has hazelnuts. You could go with both! If you make these, please let us know what you think! We’ll be trying these over the holidays and sharing our experience as well. Here’s the recipe video ~ enjoy the tunes!.