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You’d never put boxed mac n’ cheese on your holiday table – would you?  Our mac n’ cheese is so far from a boxed version, you’ll never want to eat boxed again.
Often referred to as SIX Cheese Mac, this week we’re referring to it as Holiday Mac because it’s the holidays and we’re taking this cheesy concoction up a notch or two by using some of the best cheeses and adding fresh herb breadcrumb topping. Made with fontina, havarti, gruyere, Vermont sharp cheddar, Tillamook Monterey Jack and pecorino. Melted with heavy cream and butter, fresh organic herbs, sautéed organic shallots, fresh organic garlic, whole grain mustard, blended with roasted organic butternut squash and topped with fresh herb breadcrumb topping. If you’re not a squash fan, don’t worry! Eating squash solo for some is not a favorite dining experience, but roasted butternut blended into our six cheese sauce, adds an amazing flavor, not to mention a nutritional value you can’t find in any other mac & cheese. It’s soooo good!! Simply pop your gooey concoction in the oven for a few minutes to toast up the breadcrumbs and you’ve got an amazing side to your festive meal.


Approx Nutrition Info :
Not talking about it.  It’s a week when we all need a little comfort food! Just order some and enjoy every bite!


Of course, the mac and cheese many of us are familiar with comes from a blue box. Kraft, a processed food company, pioneered a number of engineering feats that, while not exactly healthy, did help feed the family. That was never more important than during the Great Depression when the company unveiled macaroni and cheese in 1937. For just 19 cents, it could feed a family of four in a time when millions were struggling to find work- and their next meal. In just a year, Kraft sold 8 million boxes.

The Second World War extended the popularity of the blue box, with many fresh foods severely limited due to rationing. This period played a role in the process of making convenience a priority for families, with fathers overseas and mothers often working out of the home for the first time; fast, delicious meals became a new priority for a nation that found itself at war and on the go like never before.

For several decades, the Kraft variety has become the de facto identity of mac and cheese, but for home chefs and restaurants, the dish has also become a source of endless creativity. From bacon to salsa, broccoli to, yes, hot dogs. Restaurants have also made an effort to cater to both those looking for hearty, sinful comfort food to a more healthful dish, with vegan cheese and gluten-free pasta options. AND roasted butternut!!