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Panang curry is a Thai curry traditionally served as a sauce for meats and vegetables served with rice. We’ve taken all the Thai flavors of this sauce and reinvented them into a soup. When we were in Thailand, we actually came upon a small restaurant that served a panang curry soup. Of course it was amazing and I noted it as something I would have to make at some point. It was a simple, creamy soup with lemongrass chicken, red bell peppers and a garnish of Thai basil.  Every bite was outstanding!  Typically the stock is a bone broth, but we’ve made ours a little different to appeal to the masses. Our broth is simmered in an organic vegetable stock infused with chili peppers, galangal, fresh organic ginger, fresh garlic, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fresh lime juice, turmeric, cardamom, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, shallots and ground peanuts. After the simmer we add coconut milk, organic vegetables, lemongrass garlic grilled chicken and finish with Thai basil and organic cilantro. This soup screams for jasmine rice, so it comes with a container of turmeric jasmine rice as well. It’s a colorful flavorful, super nutritious soup we hope you’ll enjoy!




Approximate Nutrition Info (based on 1-1/4 C):  Calories 300 | Fat 15 g | Carbs 10 g | Cholesterol 5 mg | Protein 8 g | Sodium 750 mg | Potassium 500 mg


The word “Panang” (pee-nung) is derived from the ancient Khmer language that was adopted by Thailand, meaning “cross” mostly referring to leg position, like sitting cross-legged (on the floor). Back in the day, there was a way of cooking grilled chicken by crossing the chicken’s legs and sitting the chicken upright instead of halving the chicken open and cooking it on the grill. The chicken that sat cross-legs up on the grill would be bathed with a curry paste that contained ground roasted peanuts, then mixed with coconut cream. It would be brushed with the same mixture over the whole cooking time on the grill. This is a dish called “Gai Panang” or chicken Panang, due to the position of the chicken on the grill.