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There’s never NOT a good time for smoked salmon chowder, particularly in the Northwest. But when the holidays roll around, it’s one of the most popular additions to our holiday feasts. This classic Northwest chowder is made with organic russet and yukon gold potatoes, organic leeks, organic celery, organic thyme & parsley, onions, organic shallots & garlic, chopped clams, sauvignon blanc, savory organic chicken stock, cream, organic milk, butter, fresh lemon zest, NW wild caught smoked salmon and finished with fresh organic spring dill and cracked black pepper. Get yourself a good crisp white wine, a crusty loaf of artisan bread and enjoy this creamy, smoky, buttery bowl of chowder bliss. It’s one of our biggest sellers!


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Approximate Nutrition Info (based on 1-1/4 cup): Calories 210 | Fat 10 g | Chol 5 mg | Carbs 10 g | Protein 10 g | Potassium 450 mg | Sodium 500 mg

Did You Know?

Oregon Salmon are a strain of the Chinook Salmon. These fish are also known as King Salmon, Tyee Salmon and Black Mouth Salmon. No matter what you call these salmon they are all considered the most coveted of all species of salmon in the Oregon Rivers.

During the Middle Ages, smoked salmon became part of people’s diet and was consumed primarily in soups and salads. The first smoking factory was in Poland in the 7th century A.D. The 19th century marked the rise of the American smoked salmon industry in the West Coast, processing Pacific salmon from Alaska and Oregon.