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The flavors of this traditional soup are addictive and remarkably satisfying. We grow two varieties of tomatillos all summer long with this soup in mind.

Pozole Verde is on the lighter side and while it’s enjoyed year-round, it’s a particular favorite during summer months. Simmered in a house-made organic chicken stock with fresh organic home-grown tomatillos, roasted organic home-grown poblanos, organic green chilies, fire roasted green bell peppers, Mexican oregano, organic cilantro, organic white onion, organic garlic and fresh lime. We add seasoned pulled chicken and hominy, simmer a little longer and garnish with organic cilantro. Each soup comes with finishing touches traditional to this dish ~ fresh organic cabbage cilantro slaw for mixing into your brothy bowl.

Grab your favorite cerveza and maybe some guacamole & chips. Celebrate summer properly!



Approx Nutrition Info : Calories 290  |  Fat  10 g  |  Carbs  20 g  |  Cholesterol 40 mg | Protein  25 g  | Fiber 8 g | Potassium 650 mg  |  Sodium  500 mg


The name pozole originates from Nahuati ~ pozolé or pozolli means “hominy.” Pozole’ is basically a cross between a hominy soup and a hominy stew. The recipes are pre-Hispanic in origin and were said to be the “foundation of the culture” by many of the Spanish conquistadors that experienced the dish.

There are variations of pozole, all of which are popular depending on what part of the country you’re in.

  • Jalisco offers up pozole rojo which is the most popular and well known of the soups. It’s colorful appearance is derived from a combination of guajillo, piquin and ancho chilies and more often than not, this rojo version is made with pork.
  • Guerrero is known for a pozole verde which is a recipe using green tomatoes, tomatillos and cilantro in the broth to give it it’s green color. This soup also uses pork or more often poached chicken.
  • There’s also a white version ~ pozole blanco which doesn’t include any red or green salsas used in the other soups.

All three are amazing and all three are served with cabbage or lettuce slaw, limes, and vegetables like radish, carrots and diced onion.  Served alongside tortillas, crema, and sliced jalapeño.